Sunday, April 8, 2018

Skin in the Game


sensitive skin/ skin deep/ thin skin/ the skinny
gimme some skin/ thick skin/ skin to skin
chicken skin/ skin me/ skint/
skin game
skin broken pus exploding from an infected boil
the sanctioned killings
will they release relieve US or destroy?

death cult cannibals feigning moderation
head chopping amphetamine-fed barbaric terrorist proxies
black snake dance of the cannibal giant
we dreamed you into being
who has looked into your eyes?
we are a land of orphans
eyes like windows into a place you didn’t want to go
democracy apocalypse ecstasy pie
no one remembers the ecstasy only the pie

a favorite image
Herbert Huncke cozmik junkie leaning into the smoke
inhale deep/ get naked/ city lights/ street lights
renegade boots/ double exposure/ gas light café
god light café
poetry reading tonight
dead dead dead all dead
the gone deathmongers whose only concern is moment
have no skin in the game
only nightmares

the poets are revolting
renegade boots, cigarette ash dangling
how long how long
burn down, don’t drop
poems like smoke curl out float upward
in sinuous shapes disperse breathed in
secondhand smoke
it’s a killer

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