Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Brunch

the infinite intimate ultimate Poets Pancakes
Not to be confused with Ecstasy Pie
Jack and Joyce would know
take one box of buttermilk cinnamon pancake mix
and totally mess up the proportions
find half the ingredients under the newspaper
on the table
and realize you have a second chance
burn the first two misshapen
thick as cakes
eat em anyway
cream cheese icing and cinnamon sauce
add milk and burn the second two
cause y’r too busy eating the first two
like a wolf who’s starved on the tundra
for a winter
even more misshapen
due to having to be hacked out of the pan
but with cream cheese icing and cinnamon sauce
just edible
use oil to slicken the pan
pour two more still misshapen
but the finish plate’s starting to look like a map of the world pancake-style
a stack
a stack develops
none shaped like another
a profusion of continents laid over each other
with cinnamon oceans and melted butter ridge mountains
and avalanches of cream cheese with sugar delight
a breakfast of syrups
dripping down lips down chins
and licked from the plate from yr lips
before we strike out to conquer the globe