Saturday, December 18, 2010

crow dancer

never just memories
the going forward is present in the now
the unseen seen
mysteries of time resolved
through a momentary gateway in the sky

ice cream in the desert
cut the cake
and we will all be well

i wonder and the edges cut me
like a jagged tin can
alley in my dreams not nightmares
but scary stories all the same

there is ice cream in the desert
cut that cake
and know of life in hell

wake up from dreams transported
back and forth in time
plus or minus anything you can carry
wild memories capture all
it is the law

ice cream yes
cut the damn cake
and we will all be well

get back scarecrow
i'm not ascared a you
day and night we all are fed
crow dance shadow overhead
come close

© 2010 pamela twining

Monday, December 6, 2010


my Love limns the shadows of your days

in brilliant Light! i shine upon you

as the first piercing rays of morning sun

illuminate droplets of mist suspended

in dawn-scented air, golden

with possibilities

limbic alembic distillate

of romantic and carnal Love

sensory olfactory deeply satisfying
in my dreams
in memory
in time to come

wailing like a ban sidhe

walking wild and wounded

in the winter night

forlorn notes of longing wrung from whispers

by the wind

my arms encircle all Desire

holding space for you