Saturday, December 18, 2010

crow dancer

never just memories
the going forward is present in the now
the unseen seen
mysteries of time resolved
through a momentary gateway in the sky

ice cream in the desert
cut the cake
and we will all be well

i wonder and the edges cut me
like a jagged tin can
alley in my dreams not nightmares
but scary stories all the same

there is ice cream in the desert
cut that cake
and know of life in hell

wake up from dreams transported
back and forth in time
plus or minus anything you can carry
wild memories capture all
it is the law

ice cream yes
cut the damn cake
and we will all be well

get back scarecrow
i'm not ascared a you
day and night we all are fed
crow dance shadow overhead
come close

© 2010 pamela twining

Monday, December 6, 2010


my Love limns the shadows of your days

in brilliant Light! i shine upon you

as the first piercing rays of morning sun

illuminate droplets of mist suspended

in dawn-scented air, golden

with possibilities

limbic alembic distillate

of romantic and carnal Love

sensory olfactory deeply satisfying
in my dreams
in memory
in time to come

wailing like a ban sidhe

walking wild and wounded

in the winter night

forlorn notes of longing wrung from whispers

by the wind

my arms encircle all Desire

holding space for you

Monday, November 29, 2010

ascending moon

now is the time

as november’s dark descends

to learn to love the night

now is the time

to remember all that’s lost

and let it go

to trace the shapes of dreams in constellations

against the cold black sky

night bleeds slowly

into zen brush wash of day

an occasional flash of russet sinking

measure by measure into deepest umber

the edges of the dawn and evening

run together

blotting out all memory of golden light

and colour

trees newly unburdened of their leaves

stretch blushing toward the sun

not settled yet to nakedness

to pallid dormancy

till spring shall clothe them once again

in emerald finery

clouds layered in sheets of grey and shadowed mauve

illusions of swirling softness smothering;

the dance of death and sleep begins

one momentary ray of apricot november sunlight

limns the lengthening shadows

in antique gold, fading to silver

as the ascending moon opens up the door

to all the halls and rooms

and wildernesses to come

Monday, October 18, 2010

october morning

photo by catskill weather

october morning
the sky is calling, crystalline azure
clouds layered brights and greys
sharp as an etching, soft as silk
leaf colours past prime perhaps
but glorious still
warm air redolent of summer's last exhalation
and the prophecy of woodsmoke

i must do things that need to be done
and can only climb the mountain
in my dreams

Friday, October 8, 2010

ghost light

the air smells so sweet

wandering alone in a darkened forest

and no moon to light the way

lured by that song

that siren song

into the dense undergrowth

lost forever on the shifting paths

of this magick place between worlds

and outside of time

i had a dream

you were there

and calling to me, reaching out

i couldn’t cross that endless space

you seemed so close and yet

your words kept getting lost

in the winds of generations

i had a dream

and in my dream your music was for me

your heart was open to my touch

your spirit healed by the songs we shared

and there was no space between us


in the darkness of this moonless starless night

a flickering ghostly light dances ahead

will o the wisp

in the old stories those who followed

were seen no more in this world

i think it was your spirit light

beckoning from another place another time

our secret place

an eternal ecstatic moment

in a time that never was

i had a dream

that you held me and loved me

and my tears became the stars to light the way


© 2010 pamela twining

Saturday, October 2, 2010

prophecy: the first of october

photo by dennis willard

catskill mountain evening skies
all pink-y gold with cloud
on a cerulean field
apologize for the flood

in the late autumn sunset
not september now but still golden
the scent of living soil and ripened fruits
travels richly in the rain wet air
and leaping brown cascades
restrain themselves lightly
if at all
but pull their rills back
to add to the tumbling torrent
rushing water music
carrying another brilliant evening
down to dark

winds rise
and chill beckons
tossing whirling leaves like tiny dancers
seeking promised starlight
against the darkening sky

the faery queen writes the songs
the angels sing on night winds
etching them on my window pane
in the hours before dawn
that i might join the chorus
join the dance
chant the songs of hallows
songs of solstice
all the many storied nights
and every dawn a blessing

the ancient heartbeat from the deep
must slumber now through silvergrey november
brash december
long long january february
days and nights of brown and black and grey
frozen tableaux
spikes of summer’s brilliance encased in ice
on diamond dusted sparkling mornings
balm to those who despair of greenery
and birdsong

cold light
release my love
like joyous water bubbling
from a long frozen spring
the floods of autumn captured and released
as it ever was
world without end

© 2010 pamela twining

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

leaves fall now

leaves fall now, like tears

shed for summer’s loss

mists gather in the hollows

rusted as memories, long unbidden

and i burn like the hearts of trees

worn insanely on their sleeves

begging for release by swirling winds,

the fierce promise

of winter’s all-encompassing embrace,


not death

but dreaming

waiting for the Lord of Light’s return

so many songs flowing,

strong currents racing beneath the silent ice,

sounding the depths of these hills

the Living vibration of the earth

the rhythms of the tides

the nearly noiseless susurration of ice crystals

dancing, falling

suspended in the air in dark of night


to melt as One into the earth

and bring forth new life

in its Time

Sunday, August 22, 2010

summer poem

swirling spiral seduction

Sacred of summer days

poised for a moment

like a poem in mid-air

if you reach to grasp them

they fly away

if you sit in Silent stillness

they will grace you

with the flutter of their multicoloured wings

Friday, August 20, 2010

remembered kisses

i hardly knew you

yet i had known you

all of you

in that Place

where all the spheres and hemispheres are dancing

Light and Colour

pulsing with the movement of the universe

no Place no Name

no Two

you Are my Dance

flowing through me, Music filling me

when I am empty

earthsong, starsong

leaving trails of light

as the sun the moon leave trails of light

you are my Dance in Summer

Air heavy with the perfume of honeysuckle

and new mown hay

Valerian Dreams

and Shadow of Hawk circling

to take me riding on the wings of heaven

climbing ever closer to the Sun

Dance in Circles! Spark and shine!

Pierce the veil of night

With fire!

A fountain of falling stars

swirls against the blue-black sky

which lightens to the sweeter sighs and rustlings

of Morning come

too soon

you are my Dance of Winter

ice crystals sparkling in my hair

spinning spinning on the ice

in the crisp cold air

Dancing to songs of Death and Hope

of Life to come

the Joy of Rest

the sharp ecstasy of winking out

only to reappear

somewhere else again

my Dance of Autumn

butter yellow sunlight pouring

rich and sweet, air spiced

with the sharp scent of burning leaves

the sere metallic odour of glorious Decay

and the Heat of remembered kisses

your soul spilling into me

flowing over with your songs

you are my Dance in springtime

i open to you

and you open in me

the golden Heart of the Music

warming and awakening life

humming from beneath the earth

along unseen pathways

flowing like waters

freed from Winter’s blessed chill

you are the Dance beneath the Sea

the Dance of dragonflies spiraling in summer Skies

of cool gum-sweet pine forests

of the Queen of Heaven’s radiant Crown

your Songs a Passage

from Light to Light

from Dark to Dark

and Dark to Light again

Ancient, Eternal

Awakening that Love without which


© 2010 pamela twining