Thursday, June 17, 2010


“I’ll let you be in my dream

If I can be in yours…” Bob Dylan

Infant Buds unfurl

Painfully stretching silken petals

Gush of waters

From Winter’s Fastness

The pangs of Birth

And the rush of nectar

Rise of sap

Swelling blossoms

Open to the Sun’s golden kisses

They know neither drought

Nor frost

These shall not hide,

Curled tightly, closed in Fear

Or maybe Disillusion

Clinging in apprehension to the woody carapace

Joy remembered only in Dreams

of Another Life

They have never known

disappointment hurt confusion

their only memories

of sweet faces long gone

shades of ancient smiles and laughter

images in the sunset sky

myths and legends

understood at birth, imprinted in the Blood

and Forgotten at one’s peril

the wind

may dash them to pieces

keening of long-ago pain and sorrow

or strengthen their resolve

but there is no stopping this Burgeoning

it was your Touch

the Heat of it reaching the core of my Being

it was your Voice

like wind whispering in the Upland Meadows

it was your Spirit

locked with Mine in Love and Duelling

it was your Song

that Opened me

Poised at the edge

Of the womb of All Creation

The Vastness inspires Terror

But Freedom must come from Taking Flight

Leaping into the Sky without wings

buoyed by the Cosmic Wind

generated by countless stars

can I, must I

leave you behind? go where you are not?

Or are you so deeply imbedded

In my Heart of Hearts

That all my Futures are a Manifestation

Of the mysteries we share?

The Excellent thing

About Eternal Silent Moments

Is that they last


Saturday, June 12, 2010



as the flowers of the night release their scent

What lovers do they draw

when all the world lies sleeping?

your mouth, your skin, your essence

taste like rain, clean, like dew

or that minute drop of honeysuckle nectar,

so fleeting

that you wonder if you tasted at all

yet sweetly satisfying

At times

the molten sun pours down from incandescent sky

Clouds pooled like spilled silk

in shades of pearl and grey

shadows shifting dark and light

then like smoke you disappear

absorbed into the clear air

no one can hold you


as the last ray of light at sunset

haunting the edges of my dreams

a glance away, you are gone

breath of your scent

the only sign

you were ever almost in my arms

This desolate land is blooming

Dreams growing Wild

The blood humming in my veins

Like a bass line played by magic fingers

you ever keep me wanting more

elusive devastatingly elusive

you are

and i have yet to know you well enough

to catch all your waves


To the music in your Soul

And walk across the desert

With me