Monday, March 20, 2017

Walking Man

                                                       For Erick

he loved to dance
his bear his wolf his walking man
feet pounding red red road for all he’s worth
his cries rang out to Spirit

born of man and woman he craved the dancing path
to Light
his anguish translated made us laugh
his body honed to hardness
his wit like sword that always cut through bullshit
his Magic
O, his Magic!
mystified across the veil between the worlds
he brought us the unknown with laughter and songs

he loved to dance
his snake his eagle his walking man
he pounded earth as if on oaken door
begging entrance to the deep
dark caverns we never knew existed, only he

he loved to dance
his dew-tipped grasses his clacking leaves his walking man
he cried of love and loss the way that all clowns do
through their great pain and sorrow
he surrendered to the Dance and then
this walking man
walked on

photo: Brenton Salo