Sunday, April 3, 2011


it's sometimes hard to remember

when winter's cold arthritic talons will not open

when sorrow and exhaustion sap the soul

that like any seedling

it only wants the kisses of the sun

the release of the waters

from their secret winter journeys

the scent of new-turned earth upon the breeze

to bring the green nations forth

in all their richness

every shading of light and colour

nourishing the wizened spirit back

to sacred roundness

feasting on fruits now only dreams

of verdant gardens

and dreams sustain us

in a swirl of shared songs and earth's first fruits

and last

brought forth from hidden kitchens by loving hands

mindful of the Wheel of Life

turning ever turning

down to Darkness, back to Light

the rhythms of the universe echo in the laughter

in the fullness

of visions of the future shared around a fire

in the chill spring night

©2011 pamela twining