Thursday, May 14, 2020

Let's Dance!

Let’s Dance to the End of Everything
the final cries of a Social Generation
as we begin an age of isolation
our skins still soft and Begging
to be touched
our lips our lips
our fleshy selves pulsing
to the desire for Contact
our fleshy selves
the softer parts
not Studyin War the gentle parts
demanding Peace
tender but resolute

Let’s Dance
imagining the soft collision of Bodies
a Crush of other selves
awash in music
twisting and spinning in the Waves
the Waves
Leaps of Faith
Injustice Rules, wherefore then Faith?
it Is in Human Nature to Hope
(… springs eternal for a Reason
yes it does!)
there are Always those
who Believe in a Just and Conscious Future
a Time of Love Among BeingKind
that was after all
the message of Jesus the Christ

and So we still keep
writing dancing making music painting
still keep doing Art even in Desolation
the Cold and Dreadful Frozen Starved
or the Broiling Skin-Popping Crispy Critters
the End Result of unfiltered sunlight on the surface
Dig Deep
Dig Deep
is that the only way to Come Together
in the Mines?
tunnel down down
down through mycelium mast and mould
through foetid dank and loamy Earth
Soaked with punishing rains
(not punishment for the living beings anchored in the soil
they Belong)
it’s We who are the Secret
the Unnamed
the Uninvited
the Storm Troopers taking Over all the habitat
and killing land and sky
destroying Water
poisoning the Wells of Kindness Strength and Mercy
in pursuit of Mammon

can we Live without Sunlight under ground
away from a Sun now Deadly
sneak up-surface twice a month
for Ceremony Moon Tide
mångata the mystic path
North to Moon
through ether to the Mother
to disappear in Welcoming Arms

And it Really Was a Game
Congratulations All Around and Thanks
just those of US who Thought it was Life left hanging
w our jaws scraping the tarmac
No Way as even ones we Trusted Most
began to High Five and Celebrate
the ascendance of one who’s Less
So Much Less than what was Dreamed
and those Pragmatic sunzabitches
Insist there’s nowhere else to go
I Beg to Differ

Let’s Dance!
for Children whose memories
are Locked Away
for elders waiting withering wanting
Touch Denied
Let’s Dance!  
for a planet pulsing to new life
in spite of All
for the End of the Road in Sight
for all the Love we forgot to give
for all the Laughter at the cosmic joke
Let’s Dance!

© 2020 pamela twining

Friday, April 24, 2020

California is Burning

California is Burning
Brazil is On Fire
Australia in Flames
one can’t be a poet and be silent
broken words shatter worlds
with lies
stories told retold
compelling fantasies of life
as it was wished to be
seen through veils of childhood dreams
meanwhile too many  
have had their eyes closed

shielding his wife from a bully
        shot while backing away
he went back inside
        and died on the floor
                in front of his five-year-old child
Stand Your Ground!
license to kill in America

Broken Hearts, Broken Minds
caged children emerge
the emptiness of their eyes shows
        blankness of lost memories
                 suffering with no recourse
the magic of loving touch dispersed
in darkness

the sun pours down
impossible liquid buttercup
sunflower warm melted gold
heaven’s wealth sliding sinuously
enveloping the earthbound
should-have-been-joyous reaching upward
to bathe engulf immerse all
in sweet drawn butter molten
incomprehensible Love held in stillness
        but slipping away momentarily
                 such an ineffably beautiful world
unless there are no windows no doors
cinderblock walls painted to look like outside
        a deep horror of false color and light

Indonesia is in Flood
Puerto Rico is Drowning
Millennial Rains fall without end
Africa’s soil is cracked and dry
even the rich are carrying buckets from the well
the melting arctic perma-frost releases
long dormant diseases of ancient days
vast movements of people shifting
from ancestral lands
the cries of family bones ignored
that the family may survive

I heard that half of American youth
have never heard of Auschwitz
        no wonder the light is fading
we all bleed inside each other’s wounds
the wells of memory shallow
in spite of centuries
silt washes down from chosen ignorance
to fill
remove the mirrored depths
all source of reflection

California is Burning
Brazil is On Fire
Australia in Flames
Indonesia’s in Flood and Puerto Rico Trembling
Shuddering as Earth tries to shake us off
billions of creatures
whole species Lost
our Final century dawns
unknown, unacknowledged

if Death has a memory
she will Sing for us at the End

© 2020 pamela twining