Sunday, August 7, 2011

after the rain

photo by david j nightingale

summer rusting down to fall
where spring breathed frosty green
but a moment gone
once ice sharp emerald
tending towards russet now
dried seed-heads offering summer’s richness
back to the mother of all
for winter's Keeping

this cathedral has no walls
these hymns, no words
prayers inchoate formed
from language remembered from the womb
all Knowings outside any realm inhabited
since before the Wall
before the impenetrable curtain
of possibilities
fell around the singular self
defining space and time
and in defining

in the first morning light
last night’s downpour is captured
in the cups of leaves and blossoms
hollows of stone
ephemeral promise that this day is new
pathways unexplored open
lead the traveller soul
into sudden mysteries of sun and shadow
and my place on this wheel a blip
in all of Time

but the Breath
ah! the Breath!
there is nothing that can still
heaven’s wind
the Word made flesh
dwells always among us
songs and stories plucked from the Divine Unconscious
and spilled into the minds the hearts
the dancing feet
of those who wait for god

© 2011 pamela twining