Saturday, October 12, 2019

a miraculous accident of gender

The Argument
I am become Nightmare
but Who Are They whose Sleep must be deranged?
Who are those whose Dreams are Hauntings?
will we know it in their Faces?
                                 their Voices?
                                                           the patterns of their Lives?

The Vision

Living in the midst of what we hate, who will hear us
Change will come in time
they say
we Wait
and in our waiting we Work to turn the road
to alter the direction
to bring all that we dreamed to pass for those who follow
if not for us
the Waiting may consume our earthly lives
but what of Meaning?

we must bring back the spirit of the Journey
as told to us in children’s stories
the ones we held to hearts and believed as Truth
taught us how to live together in Love
taught Respect Compassion
Rule of Natural Law
the law of polity
if I die let it be in Struggle!
in death seek Light
and bring its strength to all Beings bring consciousness
bring faith

we Know now inescapably the unsounded depths
the immeasurable space and time
it is not for Us, mere flecks
of cosmic dust magnetized to others
opposing poles attracting poles
the same or other
all end up in the arms of Earth
while flying Free on the Path of Moon

The Resolution

the Wind of Flame follows the path of no resistance
or Any resistance
There Is No Resistance
or so they say
we know this to be false
the Wind knows
the Flame knows
we who Started the Fire know
we hold the knowledge to our innermost unknowings
unacknowledged but Possible
in the insubstantial world
Rebellion against the extinction of races
of any Beings
All Beings
the conflagration spreads
who can stop it?

Spirit Wind carries the memory
carries the hopes
defines the Dreams of a suppressed People
conspiring unknowing in their own oppression
Opening comes with blistering pain
Light floods in; ignorance becomes impossible
comprehension fuels Rising Rage
white hot the Fire Bursts
in sparks and sheers of heaven’s breath
unremitting unanswerable
but Not inconceivable

Profound and bottomless
the Well of Darkness served to us

we are being Used against the Future
the depths sustained with false witness
the stories told made up by those
who Made us crave their favor
with harsh promises somehow desirable
for all that
the scruff of beard against tender skin
the overwhelming need
impetus to Power

the tension
the plunging ever deeper
straining to obtain all Truth
all Understanding
in that race to the finish
we will cross the line Together Rising
into a place Only attainable by the Act of Love
and how will Love manifest?
and is it possible that we rise together
two or more with desire unslaked
and True Understanding still to come?

for coming to the Peak of the mountain
All is now descent
unless we Choose to fling ourselves unafraid
into the ether
the lawless world of swirling stars
our Mother shining full and ever-changing
above around beneath All Ways always

How they torture us for loving them!

the Roar of the Flames is like applause
ringing out to Celebrate our freedom
Who could we turn to in our separate prisons?

but now the walls forever burst and burned
abandoned in the rush to Loving
there Are No Walls!
            there Are No Walls!