Saturday, March 24, 2018


War has become background noise
the ambient soundtrack of the times
illegal consciousness
the weaponization of religion
“the soft bigotry of low expectations”

life in the ether Between
where we die and are eaten by images
a gulag of the poor the black the brown
no rich are invited
to starve in metal cages, containers of misery

building monuments
will always be seen as oppression
 as times change
monuments are for the "winners"
               assuming "losers"
a world view Triumphant
another subdued
dynasties lost
and Peoples enslaved
the Other in chains
of poverty rapine and destruction
for generations entrapped
in the dominant story

a Just society would need no monuments
its glory reflected in the faces
of a People Unbound
not rendered in Stone but in Flesh
and in Spirit

wakinyan, voices of Thunder
the song of the Storm
jagged Light opens us
treat every poisoned word as a promise
Resistance is in the blood

Sunday, March 4, 2018



unknown music of the deepest night
Stop and Listen!
imbibing poet juices / essence spilled inside
 osmote every cell
burning across the sky like a meteor
the tiny debris of my heart burns bright as any massive stone
ignition startling / sudden flame
sudden trail of light
sudden connection
with those of open eyes
in the black pre-dawn when spirits rise
and raise me from my bed in unimagined breathless dark
spilling words unleashed by the sweet friction of you inside me
One in darkness / One in light

our cries split the silence of Space and enter grandeur
of suns and moons
I sip words from your tongue
as you thrust hard between my thighs
your touch is madness dispelling madness
hair of the dog perhaps
poet’s wine
there is no debauchery like truth
the body’s memory the marriage of earth and sky
we are Revolution!
contractions of spilled seed given and received
the moment of cosmic Presence
holds the Past and Future deep within

firstborn mystery / never defined / she changes worlds
            Stop and Listen!
Spheres uncounted resonate through time and space
the sum of all our stories writ
in ever-changing whorls of stars eternal
paradox of motion / stasis
born of the impossible wed to the undeniable
fashioned in that naked loving
                        shared long past the time of sharing
an act of Will infused with celestial Light and Longing
of music internal and boundless as unheard of starfields
hidden by endless night
            Stop and Listen! 
Pass It On!