Saturday, July 23, 2011

pilgrim heart

your name is Love
and i have sought you
in all the rooms and corners of my soul
down the long corridors of Days
in dreams and nightmares
when memories are not enough
i look to heaven

i know your name
your name is Love
through my most grievous fault
my soul was severed from completeness
a moment’s lack of Trust
consequences reverberate through Time

i raised my lamp high
the better to see you
one drop of oil fell
burning your shoulder, startling you awake
and in that moment
knowing i was not Whole
you fled

i know your name
which you chose to hide from me
but i rebelled
claiming more than you were willing
to give me then
and so i lost you

always seeing you flickering
in my Deepest Vision
just ahead
shimmering in my Joyous sight

when i approach
a mirage
gone again
as the light waves in my eyes disband
dissolved in tears

our love was Whole
i bear the children your soul offered me
Light and Inspiration
you asked one thing of me
and i could not see
in Blindness failing not only you
but Love

i know your name
your name is Love
and when we meet again
i’ll tell you mine

© 2011 pamela twining

Sunday, July 10, 2011

breaking fast

                                                                ~ for esther         
in sight of the smoke
of morning cook fires
i remember the passing of elders
from the realm of Time
the Knowing
that if we are to have them
we must see their faces in the dew
sparkling in mist-shrouded hollows
hear their voices in the Silence
marked by the musical chatter
of the creatures of the dawn
and the homely noise of the firekeepers
the makers of food
preparing to share the bounty of another day
in the meadow

the family awakens
and comes forth to feasting
awakens to the sound of the grandmothers
singing morning blessings
awakens to the communion of souls in Time
only to recognize the Timelessness
of All

the grandmothers, the grandfathers
call to us with their last breath
endlessly resonating on the wind
the breath of generations
never gone
the family remembers how to listen
how to see
sharing fire and bread, drum and dance
refining the web
that makes from many

© 2011 pamela twining

photo: swapan mukherjee

Saturday, July 9, 2011


i met you in Magic Meadow
and we held hands
and listened to the wind
soughing intermittently through the trees
the music of the Wild
the only sound

i walked with you in the Poet’s Walk
and we poured our minds
our hearts our lives
into the golden hudson valley bowl
reflecting our songs up
into the ever-magnificent
ever-changing catskill mountain skies

i waved to you from Olana
across that ancient river
the vast expanse that lies between us
in brilliant clarity
the air crackles with light and passion
there is no distance
in the world of love

© 2011 pamela twining
  Photo: Clouds Over Olana ~ Frederick Edwin Church