Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Remembered Kisses

i hardly knew you
yet i had known you
all of you
in that Place
where all the spheres and hemispheres are dancing
Light and Colour
pulsing with the movement of the universe
no Place no Name
no Two

you Are my Dance
flowing through me, Music filling me
when I am empty
earthsong, starsong
leaving trails of light
as the sun the moon leave trails of light

you are my Dance in Summer
Air heavy with the perfume of honeysuckle
and new mown hay
Valerian Dreams
and Shadow of Hawk circling
to take me riding on the wings of heaven
climbing ever closer to the Sun

Dance in Circles! Spark and shine!
Pierce the veil of night
With fire!
A fountain of falling stars
swirls against the blue-black sky
which lightens to the sweeter sighs and rustlings
of Morning come
too soon

you are my Dance of Winter
ice crystals sparkling in my hair
spinning spinning on the ice
in the crisp cold air
Dancing to songs of Death and Hope
of Life to come

the Joy of Rest
the sharp ecstasy of winking out
only to reappear
somewhere else again

my Dance of Autumn
butter yellow sunlight pouring
rich and sweet, air spiced
with the sharp scent of burning leaves
the sere metallic odour of glorious Decay
and the Heat of remembered kisses
your soul spilling into me
flowing over with your songs

you are my Dance in springtime
i open to you
and you open in me
the golden Heart of the Music
warming and awakening life
humming from beneath the earth
along unseen pathways
flowing like waters
freed from Winter’s blessed chill

you are the Dance beneath the Sea
the Dance of dragonflies spiraling in summer Skies
of cool gum-sweet pine forests
of the Queen of Heaven’s radiant Crown
your Songs a Passage
from Light to Light
from Dark to Dark
and Dark to Light again
Ancient, Eternal
Awakening that Love without which


Tuesday, December 26, 2017


you, who were kissed
by the maid, joan of arc
on the eve of her triumph
so long ago
held aloft by your mother
in the air wild
with bells
offered in joy
to her shining lips
      were you branded forever
      with the fire of holiness?
      did your starved limbs fill out
      with the promise of bliss?

touched by the soldier maid
sent straight from heaven
surrounded by angels
and god, the electric
      did your heart swell triumphant?
      was your voice raised in song?

you, who were brushed
by the passage of destiny
kissed by wonder and joy
one bright night in your youth
for a moment
by the hope of a nation
      did your soul grow inside you?
      did it matter at all?
© pkt 1979