Tuesday, December 26, 2017


you, who were kissed
by the maid, joan of arc
on the eve of her triumph
so long ago
held aloft by your mother
in the air wild
with bells
offered in joy
to her shining lips
      were you branded forever
      with the fire of holiness?
      did your starved limbs fill out
      with the promise of bliss?

touched by the soldier maid
sent straight from heaven
surrounded by angels
and god, the electric
      did your heart swell triumphant?
      was your voice raised in song?

you, who were brushed
by the passage of destiny
kissed by wonder and joy
one bright night in your youth
for a moment
by the hope of a nation
      did your soul grow inside you?
      did it matter at all?
© pkt 1979

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