Monday, December 10, 2018


Woman of Sorrows
drowned hair floating among the weeds
slashing with her jagged edges
the drums talked in her bones
but she couldn’t interpret
what they said

she’d loved the world once
so Alive
            everything Wild
gripped tightly between thighs
but that last time
            the last time
they made love heavy & slow
like people under water

tied to the turning wheel
she knew
that no one is remembered
that they always carry their own tombstones
inside them

Do you feel the vastness though?
And just how fleeting every moment is?

the moon a thread of light against the sky
lightning dancing on the horizon
gone beyond gone
she could still move mountains

the moments of a life preserved in stone
grass grown mound
            faded inscription
the cost of freedom
          in the ground

© 2018 pamela twining