Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Song

There's a chill in the air, this first September morning, and the light is slanted in that autumn way, indescribably mellow, the first touches of vermilion illuminated among the leaves. It's hard to imagine that summer has run it's course so soon.

This has been a year of expansion, heart, mind and spirit, of new knowings, of being-in-the-world. I have not been accustomed to sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings in a semi-public way, though I have always written for my own pleasure. I have been fearful of giving away too much of my self, exposing my work to criticism. That is at an end, as I choose now to walk through the open door, leaving fear behind in the darkness.

to be alive

on this

most beautiful of all days

is joy to me

my skin shines

like the rosy cheeks of clouds

and, glowing,

the sun pours down

like liquid honey

mead bronze

thick and sweet

and hot

on the fiery heads of trees…

bitter perfume of burning leaves

spices the night-sharp air

and, last,

a glance away –

the sun is gone

the embers fading, night shrouded


indian summer day

i have lived all my life

to taste you…