Monday, May 31, 2010


Want want want

id ego id ego id ego

Like falling downstairs, so easy

No questions

Or drowned in the Roar

We are not Silent

Your name in my mouth

Sounds so sweet

Stop my speech with your kisses

And your name will still haunt my lips

Expanding in Light, Arms stretched to the Sky

From tightly locked chasm

To Flaming Explosion

Worlds are burning

Worlds are Lost in the Fires of Wanting

Are we Dead?

Scorched and Broken? The Blackened Ruse

of Generations

tempting the Future with Dreams of Joy?

Shriveled husks laughing in gasps and wheezes

Dry dead and gone

Blown away?

i want to trace your face with my fingertips,

kiss you in wonder, stare into your eyes.

i want to touch you o so softly gently,

never stop

and all the ways i would please you…

see how selfish i am?

want want want...

That’s the One

That Star out there

Brighter in the firmament

Than any other

That’s the One

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunshine Dancers

Dancers sparkling in the Sun
Like Diamonds in the grass
Sliding sinuously into the grooves and furrows
Left in the wake of scorching guitar solos
Hearts beat as one with the drum
Blood singing singing singing in our veins

The Energy of the Music Rises
Fills Engages
Joins our Spirits with the musicians
And theirs with ours
And with each other
And all the Dancers on the floor

We spin we whirl we glide
The notes pick us up and toss us
Into the stratosphere
We draw in other Dancers
And laugh to see the Joy of the Dance
on others' faces

The bass hums in my Blood
Voice, the sweetest blade
that ever opened Heart
Guitar burns So Good in my Center
Drums, and my feet pound the Earth
Horns, and I cry out loud

The Sacred and the Profane
Like Jehova/666
Even God Loves the Dance
and must treat with the Devil
to receive her Joy

A lusty Dream
To exhaust oneself Dancing
Hair tangled and wild
Face flushed with Ecstasy
Sharing that Moment
In the Open and in Secret
All Stories are Possible

In the Sun/Moon Dance
We fast from Food/Water/Speech
for three days and three nights
Dancing to the World Tree
Coming Face to Face with God through Dance
Coming Face to Face with our Selves
And taking that Energy back out into the World

Dance is the expression of Ecstasy
The Dark and the Light
Ecstasy is Prayer
All Prayer rises to Godhead
And Returns to us as Overwhelming Love

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

you, who were kissed

by the maid, joan of arc

on the eve of her triumph

so long ago

held aloft by your mother

in the air wild

with bells

offered in joy

to her shining lips

were you branded forever

with the fire of holiness?

did your starved limbs fill out

with the promise of bliss?

touched by the soldier-maid

sent straight from heaven

surrounded by angels

and god, the electric

did your heart swell triumphant?

was your voice raised in song?

you, who were brushed

by the passage of destiny

kissed by wonder and joy

one bright night in your youth


for a moment

by the hope of a nation

did your soul grow inside you?

did it matter at all?

Sunday, May 9, 2010


no notes

no pages

no leaves of the past

to draw an old life


to paint stark madnesses

broken toys

all vanished in the diaspora

no place home

except memory

black is the colour, none is the number

surrounded by glowing abundance

i am sealed

creature of appetite, unable to inhale

or drink

all taste is gone

feel my soul wizen and shrivel

and enter the darkness

there can be no resurrection

lost under the weight of bygone

no one can touch me

no one can hear me


wells of dissolution

hard judgments, self-inflicted

wandering bleak in blackness

unrelieved endless night

fade into my arms

she said


I will always take care of you

you need never know


Friday, May 7, 2010


"I am the echo of your Dreams."

Spinning Stories
Like Straw into Gold
By night's end
A thousand tales in a thousand-one nights
Creating Light from the sunless womb
Of the Void

You are not who you are
In the daytime
but Wolf's Brother stalking the Night
Down dark halls of Dreams
Hungry and questing for One
Who will join your Fire with Fire
Who will enter your Soul in the Burning Times
Meeting you in Conflagration
Consuming your Essence and Giving Back to you
An Infinity

You are not who you are
Comfortable at Home
but Primal
What big teeth you have!
What sharp claws!
O! the Fierce possibilities!
I, frozen like prey, await the Devouring
And then that careful touch
Just hard enough
Just sharp enough
I know

In Bliss you have Marked me
Drawn Blood
You lick, you drink
You are renewed
And I live
Forever pulsing in your veins

For Days and Centuries
Wildness calls to Wild
I tell you Stories of Darkness
and the Light it gives Birth to

Tales of sweet maidens
Once Awakened, So Wanton
Spinning webs of silken Magick
To glamour Knights and Heroes
Engaging in Wondrous Battle!
Skin to skin, mouth to mouth
We stare into each others' eyes
Panting, eager to rejoin the Fray

Stories of Star-Crossed Lovers
Who prayed to be Together
Prayed to be Apart
Petitioned God! for the Burning to Cease
All the while Celebrating Fire

Like Heloise and Abelard
Yet Lovers all the same
Would Spirit give to us
That which we cannot resist?
Damn us to Everlasting Darkness
For Love?
I cannot believe it so

We shall shine Forever in Constellations
Watched by shepherds in the Night Sky
The Stories will always be Told
And scholars debate the Truth
Discuss the mythic properties
And this Measureless Passion will be Known
To All