Monday, October 18, 2010

october morning

photo by catskill weather

october morning
the sky is calling, crystalline azure
clouds layered brights and greys
sharp as an etching, soft as silk
leaf colours past prime perhaps
but glorious still
warm air redolent of summer's last exhalation
and the prophecy of woodsmoke

i must do things that need to be done
and can only climb the mountain
in my dreams

Friday, October 8, 2010

ghost light

the air smells so sweet

wandering alone in a darkened forest

and no moon to light the way

lured by that song

that siren song

into the dense undergrowth

lost forever on the shifting paths

of this magick place between worlds

and outside of time

i had a dream

you were there

and calling to me, reaching out

i couldn’t cross that endless space

you seemed so close and yet

your words kept getting lost

in the winds of generations

i had a dream

and in my dream your music was for me

your heart was open to my touch

your spirit healed by the songs we shared

and there was no space between us


in the darkness of this moonless starless night

a flickering ghostly light dances ahead

will o the wisp

in the old stories those who followed

were seen no more in this world

i think it was your spirit light

beckoning from another place another time

our secret place

an eternal ecstatic moment

in a time that never was

i had a dream

that you held me and loved me

and my tears became the stars to light the way


© 2010 pamela twining

Saturday, October 2, 2010

prophecy: the first of october

photo by dennis willard

catskill mountain evening skies
all pink-y gold with cloud
on a cerulean field
apologize for the flood

in the late autumn sunset
not september now but still golden
the scent of living soil and ripened fruits
travels richly in the rain wet air
and leaping brown cascades
restrain themselves lightly
if at all
but pull their rills back
to add to the tumbling torrent
rushing water music
carrying another brilliant evening
down to dark

winds rise
and chill beckons
tossing whirling leaves like tiny dancers
seeking promised starlight
against the darkening sky

the faery queen writes the songs
the angels sing on night winds
etching them on my window pane
in the hours before dawn
that i might join the chorus
join the dance
chant the songs of hallows
songs of solstice
all the many storied nights
and every dawn a blessing

the ancient heartbeat from the deep
must slumber now through silvergrey november
brash december
long long january february
days and nights of brown and black and grey
frozen tableaux
spikes of summer’s brilliance encased in ice
on diamond dusted sparkling mornings
balm to those who despair of greenery
and birdsong

cold light
release my love
like joyous water bubbling
from a long frozen spring
the floods of autumn captured and released
as it ever was
world without end

© 2010 pamela twining