Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Dreamer

his clothing my skin
his music my dream
        perfectly suited
I wear his breath
his words surround me
as my arms surrounded him
before he slipped away
not to return
his last songs ringing on the air
Just Say Goodbye 

for Darryl 

Monday, March 16, 2020


a blizzard with no snow
hurricane with no wind
tsunami with no water
a forest fire without flame
consumed by an invisibility
devastated by Fear as Sweeping as the Inferno
through Paradise

in time of plague
Change is the Word
so much left Untold
life as we know it always seen in rear view
as a sepia photo
a sweet memory of elder times
when life was Simple & Pure
(in our minds’ eyes at least)

Before Plague
                After Plague
the Wall between Now & Then
is the Margin of our Despair
a malignant normality
in the quicksand
of the middle distance
we get so comfortable with walls  

a narrative of isolation
no Intimacy no Touch
the Ultimate distraction
a justification
Under the radar and in Broad Daylight
by mental predators pretending Transparency
creating chaos and calling it choreography
seeking ownership of reality
in their Absurd theater of Lies

we are all prisoners here
in the poisoned well
of The Great Unraveling
keeping vigil
in the desert of our national discourse
It’s Somebody’s Last Night
making conversation
but trying not to scream

© 2020 pamela twining

Monday, February 3, 2020

In the Blood

nights of the blues
Young Stuff / peach fullness / tender touch
           {don’t bruise now}
listening with deepest organs
what is it that spills over out into electric energy
           dance spin undulate   
draw fingers s l o w l y  down a length of arm
a curve of back or buttock
a breathless trace of hand or nape or
come from behind and momentary angel touch
of satin skin at bosom
           was it ever there at all or just illusion?

saxophone notes sliding slipping
viscous into the pathways
leading to blood aflame with wanting
           I could not let you leave me
          those saxy notes have bound us
feel it    feel it    feeeeel it

pretending to be soft, instead transfixing
maybe magic
gentle but undeniable
           immoveable unshakeable relentless
we are Going to make love
our fates and the music demand it
sealed with your breath and signed
in our blood and our spit
the juices wrung from that recipe
            inescapable sound mixed with Atomic heat
          a Legendary Love passed down in stories

poets Bound by Music
Bird and Trane Ornette Sun-Ra
shining pathways
            delicious orgasms

© 02022020 pamela twining