Friday, December 27, 2019

dancing in my body

eyes turned inward
perfect body
born of woman
destroyed by man
melted in inferno like plastic melted
a moment of Searing Anger?
Supreme Narcissism
Defiant I Am!
in a world where No-one else matters

He got out
his nearness to the door
he Ran
as the sisters writhed in flames
as he hightailed it down the road in terror
as the walls collapsed
as the sisters’ screams echoed
in the mountain passes
down the halls of dawning
flames flickering against the night sky
paling to morning
the sirens careening up the hillside
echoing from the cliffs and ledges

small cabin turned to ash and smold’ring
two girls lives forever changed
shed skin
     shed bone
          shed dreams
first person/third person
I knew who I was in an endless instant
I’m not that girl any more

light on her feet
she danced in her body memory
of movement 
of youth and perfection
a snakeskin not to be shed
rather lived in

her dance changes
sinuous whirling like flame
sparking upwards 
            into the sunrise
another fire
this one in her soul

she sings Welcome to another morning

© 2019 pamela twining

photo: Dina Peone 

Thursday, November 14, 2019


                                                                                         for David Lerner

the 300 pound man cries
                I’m Hungry! So Hungry!
everyone laughs
says you eat enough for 3
are you pregnant?

the 300 pound man is rank
                with desire
with the scent of unbridled
pregnant with poems

can’t speak or write them
without naming his Hunger
they hear him and laugh
you’re so funny they say
as he rips his heart
from his chest
and hands it bloody still beating
to the first
that reach out to him

the 300 pound man
fails again
and he spits out hot venom
they bathe in it
like tears
salty like oceans
bearing them up while
he sinks

the 300 pound man dark
as hades
before Love had a chance
to feed him
his poems coughed up
like blood
from the lungs of a soul
denied food for too long

the 300 pound man
starved to death
So Funny they said

© 2019 pamela twining