Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July ~ a New Thing

July 7-10

i was thinking that i should record not Only my poems but also political rants or maybe other musings that aren't necessarily poems, tho they probly Could be... LOL! so, for months i've been recording them elsewhere but in my computer, only i can see them... not that anyone really ever checks Out this blog, but Sometimes ppl do... so, feel free to comment and agree or disagree... i Trust that civility will be maintained... :-)

i don't care abt the General at this point! this Really ticks me off, that Ever Since the electoral season began, we've been being Fed this diet of Vote Blue No Matter Who, as they work their Damndest to Make Sure that the Progressive candidate(s) will Fail! (and don't Even tell me they MSM/DNC aren't doing so!)... OF COURSE Most ppl who are passionate abt a candidate will Suck It Up & vote for the creep they allow US, but this is the PRIMARY season, exactly ONE debate has occurred, NOT ONE primary has occurred, yet we are being Primed for some corporate nonsense that they are twisting themselves into pretzels to make us believe that they Give A Damn abt GND, MC4All, etc etc when all that will happen is their donors will tell them who to choose for cabinet (Obama) and how to govern, who gets bailed out, who gets $$...
the candidacy of the person who pretty much Defined the Democratic platform is being Written Out, Belittled, Damned With Faint Praise! NYX, WaPo, MSNBC, CNN All are complicit! Try to find any positive spin on Bernie! Almost Never! the Amt of coverage for Any of the mainstream candidates, incl those polling at 1%, is Far and Away above any coverage for Bernie! the Only time they mention his polls is if they're Going Down, and then they Never discuss any nuance, they Gleefully pronounce his Campaign In Trouble!! and when they Do have some news piece, it's a Cut, a Negative (Even when it's positive, they Spin it negative; it's Unbelievable!)...
i live in an Ultra Blue state that will Not give its electoral votes to Trump. Therefore, i will vote for the person I Think is the Best One, Not the Blue No Matter Who! No! and i'm telling you and the DNC that Many people will Not, so the whole argument over Whom to Vote for in the primary boils down to this:

there's no such thing as "too much too far"! yeah, things will likely change, but if ppl refuse to Pay Attention to what's being Sold to US, they will Get Away with it Again! you Must See that, ever since JANUARY, when the electoral season started for real, the MSM has been selling ppl that Blue No Matter Who BS, trying to smooth over the idea that It's a Done Deal, Accept It and Vote for Whom We Told You To! i pay a Lot of attention to the political (majored in Poli Sci & Women's Studies @ Vassar) and i See the machinations...
1. Biden was included in Every poll from Day 1 in January, tho he didn't enter the race till Late April... this was a ploy to keep his name (high name recognition and ties to the Beloved Obama) out in front of ppl, so they wldn't get too invested in Bernie or Warren, because JOE! MSM kept stories abt "Will he? Won't he?" running periodically to keep ppl guessing/keep up interest... As Soon As he declared he was in, MSM (Esp CNN) Jumped him in the polling to Way Above Bernie or Liz, who had been doing the legwork All Along, the way candidates are Supposed to do!
2. No matter What he says or does, MSM keeps his "high polling #s" Front and Center... Stories abt him are All pretty much positive, unless they let him falter against Kamala, another one they Might allow to be acceptable...
3. Joe gave a televised speech "Make America America Again", a blather of Nothingburger, that was carried In its Entirety... Bernie's speech "What Dem Socialism Means to Me" was Cut In Mid-Sentence as soon as he Mentioned "unfettered capitalism" and began to speak about the ways we are manipulated by the media (it cld have been Funny, the expression on the moderator's face, i forget who she was, Alison Camarata, i think, when her earpiece Told Her to Cut Into the speech, and she was Forced, stammering, to go right to her "pundits", asking what they thought of the speech that they never really heard! but it Wasn't Funny cause We're Being Played!) ... i Watched this Live...
4. the Reason i'm "Worked Up" is because i don't Like Being Played! this country is Going Down; our gov't is No Longer our own democratically elected gov't (IF it ever was! but Now we have No Excuse to be Asleep!) since it's Subverted by the corporate collusion of MSM/DNC/DCCC!
5. the "debates" are a Farce! (Maryanne Williamson and Andrew Yang were Never allowed to speak or asked a question until maybe 20 min into the "debate", AND their mics were Muted unless they were specifically asked a question {you can See it on video!}) and the primaries begin in February, which is Only 6 months away! the Dem field is So Huge (also purposely manipulated by the DNC, whose "leadership" met with Most of the corporate candidates ahead of their declarations (Biden, Harris, Buttigieg, at Least, are known to have met w them prior to jumping in)...
6. the "leadership" wld Love to obscure Bernie (& other Progressives, ie Tulsi, Warren) by drowning them in faux-Progressives who will bow down to their corporate donors once elected... amusingly, they counsel Bernie to Get Out now that all these Young "Progressives" have co-opted his platform in part or in whole... there is NO Way i'm going to mute my Passion and allow Information to be twisted and manipulated so that ppl believe the 🐴💩 that's being doled out as Factual political information by the MSM, which is doing their Very Best to F*K with our Brains! i Refuse to capitulate! i may not go out into the Streets as much as i used to, but i Will pass along such info as i am able to glean!
7. i Won't be Silenced! if That Poor Excuse for a Human is re-elected, it won't be on Me! 

not at all sayin this is a both-parties-are-the-same situation... they are not... but this Monster admin is taking US down a path that shd Never have Been and the ability to do so was created by decades of inaction/fear/lack of direction or decision and that Does involve both parties... the Only thing that can save US is a Bold New Direction... the SoS will Not do it and that shd be obvious, but i fear it's not... we cannot have a wishy-washy corporate Dem who changes what they Said they'd do in the campaign, once elected... i see them wavering depending on Who they're talking to and know it IS the SoS! there's only one person who says the same thing over & over again (and ironically gets roasted for it)... i don't see why, when upwards of 50% of the People are amenable to almost everything In the Progressive agenda, we are So Afraid of Trying a New Thing! the old one Certainly hasn't worked... and the Only way it cld get worse is if the same Orange Cretin were to be re-elected... i believe Any of the primary 4 candidates cld Beat him, but Then what? if we have another ineffective Pres who allows his own party to undermine him/her and a Rabid Republican majority in the Senate (i HOPE NOT but it's iffy) or even Close, we'll not recover from this Awfulness, this Horror Unleashed on the World, and any victory will be short-lived, as the oligarchs take it back in 2024... i just firmly believe that an Incrementalist, a Centrist, a person who's constantly "dialing for dollars", as they say, is the opposite of what is needed...we need someone who can "Man" (or Person, if you will) the Bully Pulpit and keep All Americans Engaged and Active the Day After the Election, and the Day After That! the GND and MC4All et al Require a political revolution! or we devolve to the bloody kind eventually...

Thursday, June 20, 2019

He Says

he says he loves my tree trunk legs
wrapped hard around
as he plunges into dark forest
drawn in to depths not touched
his sinuous glide his questing tongue
his thirst for the lost streambed
the fragrant place to spend unending night

he says he loves my stretch-marked belly
round with aftermath of births
striations bold and white against tanned skin
elastic youth surrendered
and then some like a sausage
from its casing spilling life
for spirit’s eventual delectation

he says he loves my fallen breasts
no pert and innocent globes of light
attracting men of any age like moths
to flame
but redolent of milk-days past
sustenance taken and supplicants gone
the world opened out to their glowing futures
source depleted but hungry still
his impatient lips demand/provide

he says he loves my wilting neck
tall column still proud but flagging
skin obeying planetary laws
and heading south
his eyes still drawn above
to the smile he’s always cherished
diamond flashing -
pretty girl
he says

he says he loves my grey-streaked hair
decades long
he loves it long to bury hands in
to breathe in to inhale
soft like feathers to trail across his skin
there/not there as fleet as life
skimming across the surface of his mind
like memory

he says he loves the way I laugh
in orgasm
not threatened as some have said
to Joy in that expression
and lie exhausted inventing poems
only pulling away to write them down -
Wild Poet Woman
he says

© 2019 pamela twining

Friday, April 26, 2019


old and buried
stories never told to anyone
too deeply underground
covered with a carpet of lies
covered with a blanket of self-delusion
the youth we were
the myths and legends
we convinced ourselves of
it Was the way it was
no questions
how complicated life is once the web is wound
and we are caught in sticky tendrils
of our own extrusion
struggling for a moment
then giving in to the inevitable

it becomes easy to erase the realities of the past
and blanket them with sweet nothings
they become like ancient puzzles
pieces worn
edges chipped and rounded
lost memories packed away
in the attic of childhood
the picture no longer whole
shapes purposely whittled away to fit
the narrative we chose

and what of Truth?
what of the bright and shining verities?
the open innocent candor?

ghosts materialize before our eyes
their shades displaying forgotten honor
the death of love and trust overshadowing
sparkling lie
distracting all with a believable fiction
and that’s what we lived with all these years
only now recognizing what we’ve done
the righteous reality revealed
in all its unremembered splendor

we were innocent once
but took that to the grave
of our youth and indecision
we made up our minds
to remember the alterations
not the original garment
like making a disguise
out of costume
out of whole cloth

like a naked emperor
whose story is finally done

© 2019 pamela twining