Saturday, October 12, 2019

a miraculous accident of gender

The Argument
I am become Nightmare
but Who Are They whose Sleep must be deranged?
Who are those whose Dreams are Hauntings?
will we know it in their Faces?
                                 their Voices?
                                                           the patterns of their Lives?

The Vision

Living in the midst of what we hate, who will hear us
Change will come in time
they say
we Wait
and in our waiting we Work to turn the road
to alter the direction
to bring all that we dreamed to pass for those who follow
if not for us
the Waiting may consume our earthly lives
but what of Meaning?

we must bring back the spirit of the Journey
as told to us in children’s stories
the ones we held to hearts and believed as Truth
taught us how to live together in Love
taught Respect Compassion
Rule of Natural Law
the law of polity
if I die let it be in Struggle!
in death seek Light
and bring its strength to all Beings bring consciousness
bring faith

we Know now inescapably the unsounded depths
the immeasurable space and time
it is not for Us, mere flecks
of cosmic dust magnetized to others
opposing poles attracting poles
the same or other
all end up in the arms of Earth
while flying Free on the Path of Moon

The Resolution

the Wind of Flame follows the path of no resistance
or Any resistance
There Is No Resistance
or so they say
we know this to be false
the Wind knows
the Flame knows
we who Started the Fire know
we hold the knowledge to our innermost unknowings
unacknowledged but Possible
in the insubstantial world
Rebellion against the extinction of races
of any Beings
All Beings
the conflagration spreads
who can stop it?

Spirit Wind carries the memory
carries the hopes
defines the Dreams of a suppressed People
conspiring unknowing in their own oppression
Opening comes with blistering pain
Light floods in; ignorance becomes impossible
comprehension fuels Rising Rage
white hot the Fire Bursts
in sparks and sheers of heaven’s breath
unremitting unanswerable
but Not inconceivable

Profound and bottomless
the Well of Darkness served to us

we are being Used against the Future
the depths sustained with false witness
the stories told made up by those
who Made us crave their favor
with harsh promises somehow desirable
for all that
the scruff of beard against tender skin
the overwhelming need
impetus to Power

the tension
the plunging ever deeper
straining to obtain all Truth
all Understanding
in that race to the finish
we will cross the line Together Rising
into a place Only attainable by the Act of Love
and how will Love manifest?
and is it possible that we rise together
two or more with desire unslaked
and True Understanding still to come?

for coming to the Peak of the mountain
All is now descent
unless we Choose to fling ourselves unafraid
into the ether
the lawless world of swirling stars
our Mother shining full and ever-changing
above around beneath All Ways always

How they torture us for loving them!

the Roar of the Flames is like applause
ringing out to Celebrate our freedom
Who could we turn to in our separate prisons?

but now the walls forever burst and burned
abandoned in the rush to Loving
there Are No Walls!
            there Are No Walls!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Who Does It Serve?

the act of taking a life
in all societies the most circumscribed
there are reasons, are there not?
but no, perhaps not
all arguments for taking life come down
to narcissism
the I Am

but what of war
other-directed killing
a field of screaming giants running towards
someone whose biology screams back
I Must Live!
killing the Other ordered from Above
justification is necessary
to disobey the Prime Directive
Preserve Life at All Costs

hatred must be generated in war
to overcome that deeply ingrained anathema
they say it’s human nature
the need to kill aside from preservation
of one’s own
it’s necessary to create an Other
not Us
they are not human the same way we are human
and Our humanity has been ordained by the Almighty
to be superior
the only seed to be planted
the harvesting supposed to cull the worst
serve up the best
a harvest in war
a harvest in ceremonial sacrifice

so Bombs are dropped
knives swords bayonets bullets
pierce the softer necessary parts of bodies

if killing is necessary
and blind rage and fear rule the battlefield
the Weapons of War are no more
than killing machines
not meant to be survived
it isn’t meant
that the receiver of those death blasts
should be taken to hospital
nurtured and healed
it isn’t meant
to Gently shoot
to dissuade
to change the heart or mind
of the Other

it’s meant Berserker
it’s meant wholesale slaughter
it’s meant Bomb Em Back to the Stone Age
it’s meant to leave a pile of rotting corpses
it’s meant, the message to All Others
We are the Champions
We are the Winners
Our Story is told and the Other’s is buried
along with the bodies
Weapons of War are constructed to Kill
and to Kill
and to Kill
they are constructed to rain stinking death
on populations inhuman slash Evil

there must be no argument, Traitor!
you are condemned to the putrid heap
like all of the Others

bullets for war are designed to explode inside bodies
spew sharp bladed particles
slicing dicing shredding liquifying
before exiting through openings the size of large fists
scrambling the innards like eggs
whoever thought of putting Humpty Dumpty
together again?

These are the weapons roaming halls
filled with children
laughing and fooling and teasing
the way children do
before falling to ground
flowers of evil sprouting ruby red
from their perfect young bodies
their twisted remains never moving
randomly patterned
burned on the retinas of those left to hide
screaming and crying
not succeeding
         to be silent
mind’s eyes forever filled
with stark nightmares
visions of battlefield carnage
displacing the math test the school play
the prom

they say it’s human nature
but who is the Enemy on this bright morning
when innocents fall
never to see another day

Who is the Champion?
                Who are the Winners?
                                Who does this serve?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July ~ a New Thing

July 7-10

i was thinking that i should record not Only my poems but also political rants or maybe other musings that aren't necessarily poems, tho they probly Could be... LOL! so, for months i've been recording them elsewhere but in my computer, only i can see them... not that anyone really ever checks Out this blog, but Sometimes ppl do... so, feel free to comment and agree or disagree... i Trust that civility will be maintained... :-)

i don't care abt the General at this point! this Really ticks me off, that Ever Since the electoral season began, we've been being Fed this diet of Vote Blue No Matter Who, as they work their Damndest to Make Sure that the Progressive candidate(s) will Fail! (and don't Even tell me they MSM/DNC aren't doing so!)... OF COURSE Most ppl who are passionate abt a candidate will Suck It Up & vote for the creep they allow US, but this is the PRIMARY season, exactly ONE debate has occurred, NOT ONE primary has occurred, yet we are being Primed for some corporate nonsense that they are twisting themselves into pretzels to make us believe that they Give A Damn abt GND, MC4All, etc etc when all that will happen is their donors will tell them who to choose for cabinet (Obama) and how to govern, who gets bailed out, who gets $$...
the candidacy of the person who pretty much Defined the Democratic platform is being Written Out, Belittled, Damned With Faint Praise! NYX, WaPo, MSNBC, CNN All are complicit! Try to find any positive spin on Bernie! Almost Never! the Amt of coverage for Any of the mainstream candidates, incl those polling at 1%, is Far and Away above any coverage for Bernie! the Only time they mention his polls is if they're Going Down, and then they Never discuss any nuance, they Gleefully pronounce his Campaign In Trouble!! and when they Do have some news piece, it's a Cut, a Negative (Even when it's positive, they Spin it negative; it's Unbelievable!)...
i live in an Ultra Blue state that will Not give its electoral votes to Trump. Therefore, i will vote for the person I Think is the Best One, Not the Blue No Matter Who! No! and i'm telling you and the DNC that Many people will Not, so the whole argument over Whom to Vote for in the primary boils down to this:

there's no such thing as "too much too far"! yeah, things will likely change, but if ppl refuse to Pay Attention to what's being Sold to US, they will Get Away with it Again! you Must See that, ever since JANUARY, when the electoral season started for real, the MSM has been selling ppl that Blue No Matter Who BS, trying to smooth over the idea that It's a Done Deal, Accept It and Vote for Whom We Told You To! i pay a Lot of attention to the political (majored in Poli Sci & Women's Studies @ Vassar) and i See the machinations...
1. Biden was included in Every poll from Day 1 in January, tho he didn't enter the race till Late April... this was a ploy to keep his name (high name recognition and ties to the Beloved Obama) out in front of ppl, so they wldn't get too invested in Bernie or Warren, because JOE! MSM kept stories abt "Will he? Won't he?" running periodically to keep ppl guessing/keep up interest... As Soon As he declared he was in, MSM (Esp CNN) Jumped him in the polling to Way Above Bernie or Liz, who had been doing the legwork All Along, the way candidates are Supposed to do!
2. No matter What he says or does, MSM keeps his "high polling #s" Front and Center... Stories abt him are All pretty much positive, unless they let him falter against Kamala, another one they Might allow to be acceptable...
3. Joe gave a televised speech "Make America America Again", a blather of Nothingburger, that was carried In its Entirety... Bernie's speech "What Dem Socialism Means to Me" was Cut In Mid-Sentence as soon as he Mentioned "unfettered capitalism" and began to speak about the ways we are manipulated by the media (it cld have been Funny, the expression on the moderator's face, i forget who she was, Alison Camarata, i think, when her earpiece Told Her to Cut Into the speech, and she was Forced, stammering, to go right to her "pundits", asking what they thought of the speech that they never really heard! but it Wasn't Funny cause We're Being Played!) ... i Watched this Live...
4. the Reason i'm "Worked Up" is because i don't Like Being Played! this country is Going Down; our gov't is No Longer our own democratically elected gov't (IF it ever was! but Now we have No Excuse to be Asleep!) since it's Subverted by the corporate collusion of MSM/DNC/DCCC!
5. the "debates" are a Farce! (Maryanne Williamson and Andrew Yang were Never allowed to speak or asked a question until maybe 20 min into the "debate", AND their mics were Muted unless they were specifically asked a question {you can See it on video!}) and the primaries begin in February, which is Only 6 months away! the Dem field is So Huge (also purposely manipulated by the DNC, whose "leadership" met with Most of the corporate candidates ahead of their declarations (Biden, Harris, Buttigieg, at Least, are known to have met w them prior to jumping in)...
6. the "leadership" wld Love to obscure Bernie (& other Progressives, ie Tulsi, Warren) by drowning them in faux-Progressives who will bow down to their corporate donors once elected... amusingly, they counsel Bernie to Get Out now that all these Young "Progressives" have co-opted his platform in part or in whole... there is NO Way i'm going to mute my Passion and allow Information to be twisted and manipulated so that ppl believe the 🐴💩 that's being doled out as Factual political information by the MSM, which is doing their Very Best to F*K with our Brains! i Refuse to capitulate! i may not go out into the Streets as much as i used to, but i Will pass along such info as i am able to glean!
7. i Won't be Silenced! if That Poor Excuse for a Human is re-elected, it won't be on Me! 

not at all sayin this is a both-parties-are-the-same situation... they are not... but this Monster admin is taking US down a path that shd Never have Been and the ability to do so was created by decades of inaction/fear/lack of direction or decision and that Does involve both parties... the Only thing that can save US is a Bold New Direction... the SoS will Not do it and that shd be obvious, but i fear it's not... we cannot have a wishy-washy corporate Dem who changes what they Said they'd do in the campaign, once elected... i see them wavering depending on Who they're talking to and know it IS the SoS! there's only one person who says the same thing over & over again (and ironically gets roasted for it)... i don't see why, when upwards of 50% of the People are amenable to almost everything In the Progressive agenda, we are So Afraid of Trying a New Thing! the old one Certainly hasn't worked... and the Only way it cld get worse is if the same Orange Cretin were to be re-elected... i believe Any of the primary 4 candidates cld Beat him, but Then what? if we have another ineffective Pres who allows his own party to undermine him/her and a Rabid Republican majority in the Senate (i HOPE NOT but it's iffy) or even Close, we'll not recover from this Awfulness, this Horror Unleashed on the World, and any victory will be short-lived, as the oligarchs take it back in 2024... i just firmly believe that an Incrementalist, a Centrist, a person who's constantly "dialing for dollars", as they say, is the opposite of what is needed...we need someone who can "Man" (or Person, if you will) the Bully Pulpit and keep All Americans Engaged and Active the Day After the Election, and the Day After That! the GND and MC4All et al Require a political revolution! or we devolve to the bloody kind eventually...